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Summer 2018


  • All the Difference
  • Giving Through Retirement Plans
  • Support LFA With Your IRA

Spring 2018


  • A Gift That Keeps On Giving
  • Will the New Tax Law Change the Way You Give?
  • Questions & Answers About 529 Plans

Fall 2017


  • “We Can Do That, Too”
  • Making the Most of Your Year-End Gifts
  • Giving to LFA Through Your Will or Trust

Summer 2017


  • Building Your Personal and Charitable Legacy
  • Gifts That Give Forever
  • Giving Through the Years

Spring 2017


  • Keeping History and Tradition Alive
  • Be a Hiro!
  • Five Ways to Leave a Legacy to Lake Forest Academy

Fall 2016


  • The Path to Success
  • Provide for Family and Lake Forest Academy
  • Tax-Wise Giving to LFA